Overall Event & Conference planing

Conference/Convention Planning: With Miiya, you are getting more than what you see. Our experience in organizing events means that we can also provide assistance in planning out your desired experience. This includes logistics regarding event layout, registration, as well as booking and site and venue selection.

Overall Event Planning

Scheduling and coordinating with the event venue

Overseeing event floor operations

On site crowd management

Remote Video Sync & Streaming

It may be a video conference or a large-scale festival. Through the use of video sync and live-streaming technology, we can provide a network to link your events, or even share them with the rest of the world.

Event Exclusive APP

With custom-made apps, we can enhance the effectiveness of your event/seminar and reducing development costs.

Print Design

Whether it's a seminar or convention, conference or ceremony, we bring what it takes to enhance your event experience. Our print service range from promotional items such as leaflets and invitations to any graphical material you might require for your organized activities. Posters, vouchers and even ID badges, if it's in print, we've got you covered. From graphical displays and handouts to presentations and gift bags, everything is custom-designed to provide the platform your brand or institution deserves. We deliver a complete, well-integrated package. Our service is both affordable and versatile. We are passionate about design, and our dedication can make your vision a reality.

Graphic Design and Print

As expected, Miiya is here to handle and assist in all things visual. Whatever it is you need, we'll get it designed, printed and delivered.